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Why it is important to raise your child around a pet

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If you already have a dog in your home for sure this question has come to your mind ‘What did I do? I feel like we have another baby in the house!’ The struggle of taking care of another living creature, keeping it clean, feeding it, taking it out for its daily walks, training it, giving it love etc. are not easy, especially when you also have children.

When you are raising children with pets at home there are some crazy moments that will never be forgotten! You may cry when you find your baby feeding your dog the child’s uji, but you will always laugh when that memory comes to your mind. 

Dogs may make the house dirty often times, but when well-trained, they will forever bring happiness and life to your home. The wonderful moments of play, funny antics and cuddles make it all worth the effort.

This a list of seven benefits of raising children with dogs:

  1. Sense of responsibility

When a dog is attached to a family, the pet becomes dependent on the owners, in this case the children in such a home will develop the sense of responsibility faster than other children because they understand the dog has to eat, to be cleaned and to be taken out every day.

  1. Skills and abilities

Children who have dogs develop better social skills with other children because they feel loved by the pet which contributes to their self-esteem. They also grow up having less insecurities.

  1. Boost in immunity levels

Contrary to the common belief that dogs make children fall sick, according to Berkeley Wellness, kids who are raised around pets are less prone to developing allergies and asthma.  This is because the family members who live with dogs have a stronger immunity.

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  1. Easier learning

When learning how to read, a child may feel under pressure reading in front of siblings or parents but would be comfortable a pet because it will never interrupt.

  1. Family unity

Having a pet creates a strong link between siblings, especially if each sibling has a specific task with the dog. The youngest can brush the dog’s hair and the oldest takes it for a walk every afternoon. They will learn to share and love each other as a teamwork

  1. Companionship

Having a dog helps during sad moments, a pet always accompanies the owner in a silent way. Your child will feel loved and will always have someone to play with. A dog is a man’s best friend.

  1. Security

It doesn’t matter how well your pet is trained to be friendly to human beings, when a dog feels the owner is in danger, it will always protect them. As a parent you will always feel safe knowing your child is playing in the streets accompanied by the family dog.


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