Evewoman : Photo Gallery: Wahu and Nameless daughter Tumiso turns 12


Photo Gallery: Tumiso has grown up and looks exactly like her mother Wahu

Kenyan songbird Wahu has shared a post on Instagram wishing her daughter Tumiso a happy birthday and leaving her fans in excitement.

Exactly 12 years ago, in August 1st 2006, Wahu, gave birth to her beautiful angel, Tumiso. In 2012, Wahu released the hit song “Sweet Love” which she said was inspired by her first born daughter.

In the video of the song, there are home images of baby Tumiso who is now all grown up and looks exactly like her mother.

“Family always comes first” Wahu posted on Instagram few days ago. She has been married for more than 11 years with the popular singer Nameless and they have two daughters together, Tumiso and the last born Nyakio.

Here are some of the images of the beautiful Tumiso:  

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