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Seven attitudes that show the love for your man is over

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Women always fight for their relationship to work until the end. However, there are time when their feelings start communicating otherwise and they start giving up on their partners as they deem them not important anymore.

When you stop loving a man, you develop some behaviors and attitudes that clearly show the feelings you had for him are ending. Here are some cues you are losing interest in him:

  1. When eating together is nolonger a priority

You used to have lots of fun while going out for lunch or dinner with him, nowadays eating together is boring and when together you lack conversation topics.

  1. Unconsciously you stop being concerned about what they are doing or where they are

This doesn’t mean you are a bad person, you just stopped being worried about what he does or where he goes. Honestly, he has stopped being important to you.

  1. When you say goodbye you feel nothing

If he is leaving for a few days and when he says goodbye you feel like; ‘Great! He has gone for a few days!,’ or you prefer staying alone at home than with him, your love must be ending.

  1. When you stop thinking about him

When you think about the future and he doesn’t appear in your thoughts, when you see everything is better without him, that's a big indication your affection for him is dead.

  1. When waking up next to him doesn’t excite you

When you love your man, waking up next to him is always a happy moment. You look at him, you kiss him and you tell him ‘good morning.’ When doing this nolonger makes your heart tick, its another day closer to the ened of your relationship.

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  1. When you are having fun he is never around

When you do things that make you happy and he is never there joining you, if you are always happy when he is not around and you have thoughts like ‘I could be very happy without him’, your love is ending.

  1. When you start projecting a new love

If you start feeling butterflies in your stomach for another man or simply you imagine yourself dating someone else, admit it, the love is over.

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