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Chronicles of a World Cup Diva: Croatian-French president’s love story, nothing touching Putin

The World Cup is over, yeah! Women be ready to have all your men back at home again… The French/’African’ hot team won 4-2 against the Croatian fighters team.

The game was really intense and honestly both teams deserved the victory but France was superior scoring the first goal in the 18 minute. Croatia never gave up scoring two goals, the second a mistake from the French goalkeeper, and maintaining 66% of the game possession. Unfortunately for them, their efforts weren’t enough. The speed and shots effectivity won France their second World Cup.

On the Luzhniki Stadium stands, we saw many interesting personalities like the Russian President Vladimir Putin who attended the match but was not interested in the game. During the prize-giving, Putin showed he is the boss getting an umbrella for himself while the other presidents, the French and Croatian presidents, got completely drenched.

"Nothing can touch Putin. Not even rain!" A twitter user posted.

Despite of this rainy funny moment, both Croatian and French presidents, Kolinda Kitarovic and Emmanuel Macron seemed to have a really good time supporting their own teams.

The ‘hottest president’ in the world went back home happy. Even though her team didn’t get the cup, she looked satisfy with the Croatian performance. Was it because it was the first time the football team got to a World Cup final or because she had fun with the company of the cute French president?

The friendship of these two presidents spiced up Social Media as users were left wondering if there was something going on between them.

These are the images that show how good relationship the two leaders have:

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