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Is Meghan Markle already pregnant?

Prince Harry and Meghan [Courtesy]

Just weeks after the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess of Sussex said I do, rumour mills are going round with news that they are already warming up to parenthood with twins on the way.

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According to Hollywood life, Meghan is not only pregnant but she is expecting twins- a boy and a girl. The news site goes ahead to report that Prince Harry and Meghan found out they were expecting twins after they returned from their honeymoon in East Africa.

Harry and Meghan have reportedly been trying to have a baby since before their magnificent wedding in May but had their plans hidden because of the royal tradition to wait until after wedding to have babies.

The tabloid goes ahead to indicate that friends of the couple had suspicions that the royals were trying for a baby and they had spotted Harry affectionately touching her belly.

However, despite all the rumours, no official announcement has been made as Kensington Palace is yet to comment on the news.

If indeed Meghan is pregnant, seems we will have to wait for them to let the public in. For now, we can only speculate as nothing has been confirmed. But without doubt, the two will make great parents when the time sure comes.

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