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Important reason why women should pee immediately after intercourse

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Intimacy is a topic that is mostly discussed in hushed tones especially in the African setting. It is assumed that sex should happen naturally and for the sole reason of procreation. Hardly will you find people been guided on how to hook-up. The parties getting intimate are left to figure things out on their own. But we have probably heard of certain dos and don’ts of after and before intimacy. Thanks to the vast information found on the internet.

Today we focus on one ‘do’: we tell you why every woman should take a pee immediately after sex:

  Flushes out bacteria:

 By peeing immediately after sex, you clean the urethra and in the process flush out bacteria that could Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). According to gynecologist Dweck, if you urinate immediately after sex, you mechanically flush out bacteria that could potentially get into your urethra.

This tip, however, does not entirely prevent you from UTIs. It is therefore important to apply other hygiene measures to keep the infections at bay.


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