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Six milestones that make or break your marriage

Marriage Advice

Every relationship has its share of hurdles. No couple is exempted from having trying time. It is upon the parties involved to work things out for the better or just call it quits. There are some milestones that we look at casually yet they have the power to break any relationship however strong it may look. Here we highlight some for you:

Loss of a job

Losing one’s job can be so traumatizing to an individual. It is even more difficult if you were the breadwinner with a family looking up to you. In most cases, if your partner loses a job, it becomes a little hard for the other party to put up with them. Naturally, the other party starts seeing the shortcoming of the jobless party and more often than not, start accusing them of not trying hard enough to get another job. In most cases such a scenario does not end well.


It is the belief of many people and also the society at large that for a family to be complete, it has to have children. Little wonder then that infertile individuals in relationships go through hell. Their spouses may bow to the societal pressure to leave the infertile spouse and look for a fertile one instead. This has been the case for many broken relationships.

Birth of a child

Yes!!! Children come with so many demands and this is bound to alter the way you and your spouse used to relate initially. The attention may shift from you to the baby, and the schedule tighter with having to wake up in the middle of the night to breastfeed and or to change diapers.

Serious/ terminal illness

Not everyone has the patience and grace to take care and hold on to an ailing partner. It is not strange that some people take to their heels for good when their spouses are diagnosed with serious illnesses, wedding vows notwithstanding.


After one spouse cheats, the relationship can never go back to what it used to be. See, the trust is broken at this point and trusting the same is never possible. Cheating therefore, has broken many relationships that we can count.

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