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Study: Today’s Kenyan bride is independent and does not believe in fairy tales

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Ever wondered who today’s modern bride is? According to a 2012 report by Samantha Bridal, your average bride is 27 years old and is more educated with more career opportunities.

Independent: This woman no longer lives with her parents. She is independent and lives alone or shares an apartment with a friend. She has a disposable income and enjoys quality entertainment.

Fashion: Today’s bride is fashion conscious. She lovers the finer things in life. Looking good and feeling good is a priority to her.  She believes in flawlessness.

Caution: Being the learned woman she is, the modern bride is cautious and takes everything seriously. She is the kind that will approach wedding planning as a business transaction and not a fairy tale.  She is not a fan of emotional buzzwords.

Optimistic: In her world, things are good right now and can only get better in the future.

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Character: This woman is open-minded as she has been raised up consuming TV, radio, magazine and internet content. She also has a clique of friends whom she hangs out with and whose advice and opinion she holds with high regard.

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