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What you need to know about the new trend of piercing the ring finger

The trend of having a tattoo around your ring finger to symbolize marriage instead of a metallic ring has been there for a while now. If you found that extreme then the latest craze of piercing the ring finger and having the ring inside the skin is not something you should think of.

For most girls, it is a dream to have their men go on their knees with a ring. The usual reaction is that of promising never to remove it from your finger, but would you have it pierced on your ring finger instead?

If you are the careless type, always worried about losing your ring then piercing your finger and fixing a diamond to it would just be the solution. It can also be you opting to skip the boring jewelry part of engagements and attaching a single gem to your finger.

The finger piercings have either one or two studs. With the single stud, a micro dermal anchor is put under your skin and the piece of jewelry inserted into the finger. Not so fast; the process entails the use of the dermal punch to remove a small circle of flesh from your finger after which the dermal anchor is inserted into the hole!

For the twin studs, it is more or less like a piercing on your tongue. A bar pierces through the skin of the finger and balls are attached on both sides.

The idea is outright crazy, and probably some more! The finger piercings cannot be taken lightly as having a stud pierced on your hand is prone to being knocked more often than in any other part of your body. Not only that, there is also the scare of getting it infected as you go about your activities using your hand.

But again, it is probably cheaper compared to the diamond ring, why not try it. Will you?

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