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These are the compliments women cannot resist

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Everyone loves being complimented and it’s cuter when it comes from your crush, boyfriend or husband. When complimenting someone there is a possibility that you could be romantically interested, trying too hard to get her or just flirting. If you are romantically interested in her, one thing that will keep her happy is the compliments. If you feel telling her the obvious like, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life”, be creative and make her draw maps wherever she is. Here are the compliments women want to hear:

  • You look gorgeous- this is more soothing than beautiful and to avoid the obvious, this will work for her. Most of the women take a lot of time to doll themselves up when coming to meet you and it feels great when she sees her two- hour preparation has been recognized.

  • I love your style- this sounds a little bit flat but it has to be said the right way. Keep in mind that when that is said, it means you love how she dresses. It could be she is a fashionista, classy or tom-boy.

  • You are different from the ladies I have met- at times when guys pull this line, some of us roll their eyes but it could be true when he says so. When you tell her that, it will give her goosebumps everywhere! It feels good when you know that there is an impact.

  • There is something about you….- this will get her shaking when you whisper this in her hears after a romantic candlelit dinner. It might sound cheesy or naughty but it will melt her heart down.

  • Every-time I look at you I smile- if you want your girl to have a red face, tell her this. Her knowing that you are happy with her means a lot to her. The smile comes in because when you stare at her, you are amazed by her beauty or all the beautiful moments you shared.

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  • I would never change a single thing because you are perfect for me- women are very insecure with themselves and when you tell her this, it could boost her confidence. Despite her complaining of her stretch marks, big belly, acne or small bust, she will feel beautiful.

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