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Woman Crush Wednesday: The victorious Victoria Kimani


Victoria Kimani is one of the most successful Kenyan female artistes. She was born in America but proudly Kenyan. Besides her singing, she is an actress, song writer and a fashion icon for days.

She is our woman crush today because she has been able to rise in her music despite the hate and criticism she faced in the past from the fellow citizens. In life, there will always be those people that will talk negative and that should never come in between your goals, she has never looked back. Her growth is impeccably amazing and we could not be more than happy for her. She is representing our country and taking it to greater heights in the music industry. 

Victoria is popularly known for her hit songs, China Love, Booty bounce, Prokoto, Show etc. and ofcourse she is body goals!

Something you did not know about Victoria Kimani:

She is a July Baby

She started singing at 9-years-old

Born in Los Angeles


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