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Fashion trends to spice your wardrobe in 2018

Fashion Tips

Alexander Mcqueen stated that people don’t want to see clothes but they want to see something that fuels imagination. Every New Year, we write resolutions and something that most of us miss is change of wardrobe. I realized that some of us have piled clothes in their closets and maybe you wear once in a year. You don’t need to have stacks of unfashionable clothes in your closet this year; time to get wacky and wild with your wardrobe. Here are the current fashion statement pieces you need in 2018:

1.The Bell sleeve

This is the voluptuous super- sized sleeve that has an old skool vibe. It gives your outfit a blossoming wave which every lady cannot afford to miss. The sleeves come in dresses, tops and jumpsuits. It was popular on the runaways by different designers like Nicholas Ghesqui`ère. Are you going for a road trip with your girls? your crush asked you out? it's time to shop and hop for this flattering trend.

2.The Fringy Fringe

What I love about this trend is that, there is a bohemian taste and a touch of 70’s vibe. It was one of the topping trends in 2017 during Spring/Fall and definitely this year it will be winning! The fringe detail is surfacing on crop tops, trousers, skirts, bags, shoes and even stationery. This gives one a choice of what works best for you. If you are a dramatic fashionista, this is a must trend that should not pass by with the wind.


3.Fantastic Plastic

Who ever thought that wearing plastic would be a fashion statement? This was an upcoming trend last year but from the fashion predictions, plastic will take up a notch higher. Celebrity Fashion icon, Kim Kardashian has embraced this look and it turns out to be quite sexy, vibrant and daring. Most appear to be transparent which nowadays it’s never a big deal.

4.Artsy and Artistic

We all know that fashion is an art and it has been intersected in the Spring Runaways this year. Beautiful cartoon pieces to creative painted portraits have been designed. If you are more of a dull dresser, it’s time to enlighten your wardrobe with colorful inspired artsy pieces.

5.Certain in Satin

First and foremost, this trend is not for everyone! This is for the daring fashion beings. Satin is commonly known to be a pajama material but in this century it’s a lusting fashion piece. What I love about the satin; it brings out the sassy and bold . Avoid wearing too much of accessories and make up, keep it simple and effortless!


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