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Get it right:How to perfectly do ombre lips

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One of the biggest makeup trends right now is ombré lips. This two-toned look adds an eye-catching twist to any makeup look. The philosophy behind ombré lips is the creation of a gradient of color. You do this by applying a darker shade around the outer edges of your lips and a lighter shade on the center.

The secret to perfect ombré lips is in the selection of colors. If not done well, you may end up looking tacky or clownish. You can play around with different hues from black and red, maroon and pink, brown and gold, to blue and purple. However, always choose colors that complement each other.

1.       Step one – Choose your colors

Find two or three shades of the same color: a light, medium, and dark, or shades that complement each other and blend well together.

2.       Step two – Moisturize

Prepare your lips for color by moisturizing them and ensuring they are chap-free.

3.       Step three – Line lips

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Line your lips with a darker shade of the same color as your lipstick. Use plenty of lipliner so that even when your lips start to fade, the gradient is still strongly visible.

4.       Step four – Darker Shade

Apply the darkest shade on your outer lips, halfway in. Dust the edges with powder to prevent the color from bleeding.

5.       Step five – Lighter Shade

Apply the lighter shade to the center of the lips. A lip brush will provide the most seamless application.

6.       Step six – Blend

Lightly press your lips together to mix the colors. You may choose to apply a clear lip gloss or one of the lip glass products that are designed to set your lipstick and give it staying power.

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