Evewoman : Beauty trends to ditch in 2018


Makeup trends that we should leave in 2017

2017 was a great year, as far as beauty trends go. We were daring, crazy, and experimental. However, we have to admit that some of the beauty trends and products we loved in 2017 weren’t so great...and it’s time to ditch them!


1. Highlighter overload

In 2017, we went a bit overboard with highlighter. Instead of a natural glow that highlighter is supposed to achieve, some of us took it as a dare to rival the sun’s brightness. When sparingly and skilfully applied, highlighting the right points on your face can transform you into a seemingly effortless and youthful beauty. But overloading on highlight makes you look like something straight out of Trashville. On that note, unicorn highlighter is a no-no in 2018- unless it’s for Halloween. Remember this: highlighter should create a subtle glow, not direct air traffic!


2. Wavy Brows

This was one of the weirdest beauty trends to hit the world of beauty in 2017. At first seen as a joke, wavy or squiggly eye brows quickly became a thing on Instagram and other social media sites. Not a good look at all. Please don’t do that to us in 2018, even if it’s just meant for Instagram. And while at it, also ditch other weird brow trends such as glitter brows and feathered brows.


3.Weird Beauty Blenders

In 2017, we discovered how awesome beauty blenders are. We were so in awe that we tried to turn everything into a beauty blender. Thanks to beauty blender challenges on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, many beauty aficionados (especially bloggers and vloggers) tried to outdo each other in using non-makeup everyday objects to apply foundation and highlighter on their faces. The objects ranged from tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, socks, bra inserts, potatoes, to condoms. While innovation is great, there’s no need to use weird objects to apply makeup. Your fingers will do great in an emergency.


4.Harsh Contouring

Like with highlighters, we were very excited with contouring. When cleverly done, contouring can highlight and flatter the angles of your face, making you look slimmer and more symmetrical. However, if you overdo it you end up with an unnatural look. Contouring works best for evening looks and for special occasions where you will get photographed. Unless you’re headed for the red carpet, ditch the contour.


5. Chunky Eyebrows

Bold, chunky eyebrows dominated catwalks in 2017. This was a welcome change from the thinner eyebrows of yesteryears. Anyone can appreciate a thick, natural eyebrow. But when they start looking cartoonish, it’s time to pull the plug. In 2018, we hope to see more natural, well-trimmed eyebrows.


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6. Mask-like makeup

Make-up is supposed to enhance one’s facial features, not create an entirely new face for you. Mask-like make-up, where one can barely tell how the skin underneath looks like, has been all the range in 2017.  The theme for 2017 might as well have been, the faker the better. But with the New Year, let’s rediscover the beauty of natural-looking or even nude make-up.







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