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How to preserve your youthful skin with salt

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The famous quote ‘you are the salt of the earth,’ refers to salt’s properties as a powerful preservative. Did you know this can also be true for preserving your youthful beauty?

Salt and water have a long history in beauty recipes. That could be one of the reasons your skin improves when you’re at the Coast. During your last vacation you probably noticed a clearer complexion, a reduction in acne, and hydrated, nourished skin.

Although salt is essential for life, not all salt is created equal. Table salt, which is the common white salt we use in cooking, is not your friend. It has been stripped of all its minerals and nutrients. On the other hand, Himalayan pink salt which is superior to sea salt, contains 84 naturally occurring trace elements. This means better bone health, regulation of blood pressure and hormones, regulation of the water content throughout the body, and reduction of the signs of aging. Himalayan salt also known as “white gold” is pinkish in colour and is available locally in major supermarkets and health shops.

You can use the salt as a toner or skin spray. When the spray is left on the skin, the minerals in the salt continue to nourish the skin. Salt is a natural antiseptic, therefore this toner is great for oily skins. This salt also attracts and holds water therefore it is a natural moisturiser, greatly benefiting dry skin. This toner is also a natural detoxifier as it infuses your skin with trace elements such as potassium, iodide, magnesium, and sodium, while simultaneously drawing out toxins.

Salt spray ingredients

1 cup of distilled, boiled water, or herbal tea

1 tablespoon salt (Himalayan or Sea salt)

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2-3 drops of essential oil (optional)


How to make the spray


Step 1 - Choose your bottle


Obtain a clean spray bottle or one in which you could store a toner.

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Step 2 - Mix salt and water

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Add the salt to warm water and stir until it completely dissolves.


Step 3 - Add oil


If using, add your essential oil of choice, and store the liquid in a bottle


Step 4 - Mist your face


Spray all over your skin, avoiding the eye area, or apply with a cotton pad as a toner.

Consult a medical professional if you are pregnant or have a chronic condition. Beauticians at high end spas also recommend using finely ground pink salt as an ingredient in your DIY face and body scrub. If you have used Himalayan pink salt, what has been your experience?


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