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Rich couples problems

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Power couples are above dealing basic necessity problems like food,clothing and shelter. They are the supper millionaires and billionaires of this world. When the husband is making money this way, the wife is also making big bucks that way. But even with everything that money can buy, they are still faced with problems. It’s just that their problems are sometimes beyond the comprehension of kawaida guy.

Here are some of the problems they grapple with:

1. Dealing With watu wa magazeti

Paparazzi are always shadowing these couples and keeping their ears on the ground for anything about them. They want to know if they are having another baby, if they are still in love, what they are wearing to certain events and if the divorce stories are true or false. Anything about them is news. Most of the time, they ignore calls from journalists or hide from photographers.

2. Limited family time

Since they spend most of their time, making millions, they do not have quality time together. The husband or wife is out of the country or very busy with business affairs. They therefore try very hard to create family time or bond by going for holidays

3. Fake friends

It is difficult to have genuine friends when you are rich. Some are business partners and pretend to be friends because their interests are looked into. That is why in the unfortunate event that they become bankrupt, their many fake friends will disappear.

4. Madam’s dirty secrets

Since the hubby is always away, madam will look for a shoulder to cry on. Chances are she will be hitting on the watchie, chef or the shamba boy.

5. Faking a happy family image

Unhappiness and great fortune are bosom friends. Power couples like any other couples have their disagreements and fights. They however hide all these and smile at cameras as if everything is perfect. They tell their friends and family that they are more stable and happier than ever. Never mind that they sleeping in different rooms and barely talk.

6. The ‘other family’ at mzee’s funeral

The husband can’t afford to mess up his family by taking a second wife. What will he say at the members-only club? Instead, he has hidden another wife and mistress somewhere. When he dies, they all come forward asking for a share of the estate. It is difficult for the other family to be dismissed since the kids have the mzee’s large nose and mango head.

7. Sharing wealth after divorce

When power couples can’t hold it together, they have a very public divorce case. They quarrel over what percentage of their billions to share, who gets custody of the children and dogs, who keeps the paintings ...and all that madness. Ordinary couples will struggle with child support and alimony is out of the question because the husband is not loaded.

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8. What to serve guests for dinner

While ordinary couples are complaining about the high cost of unga, milk and sugar, these couples are always planning dinners for their many friends. Madam is instructing the servants on which meal to cook. The curtains have been changed to match the cutlery and fresh flowers have been kept in the vases. All this, it’s believed, will make the dinner a success.

9. Which family counsellor?

Ordinary couples have a habit of going to pastors, friends and their relatives to solve their marital problems. Power couples don’t believe in such. They seek the help of professionals. It’s common to hear them talk of going for a session with their counselors. When they can’t fix their problems, you will hear such jargons as ‘irreconcilable differences’ and ‘emotional abuse.’

10. Expensive anger outbursts

Power couples get angry in an expensive way. An ordinary couple will be cautious when angry. The wife would wish to break her glasses but when she remembers how she worked hard to have them and they are the only ones, she changes her mind. On the other hand, the millionaire wife will break her glasses imported from Italy just as she would rip her husband’s Italian suits.

The husband will respond in kind by smashing his iPhone 7!

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