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Playing dirty with your girlfriend’s ex

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Some coincidences in life are just too good to be true. On the week you want to expose the brutality of your live-in girlfriend’s baby daddy to the countless gossip sites is the week he is famously in court defending a violent politician who beats his wife. Can’t imagine a better time to expose him.

So when Carol calls you, partially pissed off by the unfolding events, you are the more than happy that the man called him to ask her why she is hell-bent on tarnishing his reputation. He has none, by the way. Amid the threats from the prick, Carol feigned ignorance. But the man is not even sure what is hitting him. The trick is to drive him into submission. It will work.

Blogs in the next few weeks are going to be busy. The young boys are busy digging up the middle-aged man’s life. The first focus is on how he has selfishly locked the mother of his daughter out of the child’s life. He is portrayed as a ruthless, merciless, uncaring man. In quick succession, the boys you ordered to follow him around philandering with college girls have excellent pictures. The pictures will work like magic... prompting the question if he is fit to be a father or deny the mother the right to raise the daughter.

The incriminating pictures of him you have are of three different women. He is the real casanova. You have a solid case against him. This is how the mighty fall.

Your hope is that once you have incontrovertible evidence, you can challenge his suitability of being a single father to a daughter, when the mother is alive, kicking, and monied, about to get married. You are also shopping for a lawyer better than him. You may even approach FIDA if you have to.

He acts undeterred at first. But with relentless exposure, he can’t tell who is exactly exposing him. He probably has many competitors in business. But with a diminishing reputation, you can cost him quite some clients.

Of course, you hate the confusion little girl is being thrown into. But she will have a richer life growing up with a loving mother, and an even more loving father. You can’t raise a child with just toys, lots of money and hope good schools will take up the role of good parenting. At least, Carol needs to know better.

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But some things you grow into. She is not the only woman nowadays who is ambivalent about their children. Maybe such women hate the fathers of their kids. Maybe, the child came in at a great cost of their academic or career progression. Maybe they were not really programmed to be mothers. Can motherhood be taught or learned? You want to hope so.

But your main preoccupation now is whether the petty baby daddy can easily accept defeat. Has she punished Carol enough? Is there something else that Carol has not revealed that may complicate things ahead of your likely marriage, any time now?

Could there be something of a dealbreaker?


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