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Here are a few stylish swimsuits you can rock this holiday

Shopping for a swimsuit can be annoying but there is always a solution for every problem. Forget those outdated notions about "body types" and what looks best on an apple or pear. The prefect swimsuit for you is just the one that you feel best in. Just make sure the fit is on point and look for bottoms that draw the eye in at the waist and out at the hips. Here are a few that range in style and coverage that would be perfect for you.

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Earrings: Bizzy Lizzy Red full swimsuit: Foxy Lingerie Kimono Jacket: Wangari Mathenge Black and white bracelet: Swaggy by Aggy
Sunglasses: Mr Price Neckpiece: Bizzy Lizzy Crochet Top: Dream Crochet Swimsuit bottom: Ohana Swimwear Gold bracelet: Bizzy Lizzy
Flower crown: Maua Jua Crowns Neckpiece: Swaggy by Aggy Swimsuit: Ohana Swimwear
Umbrella: Tengevuli Neckpiece: Swaggy by Aggy Swimsuit: Foxy lingerie
Hat: Swaggy by Aggy Neckpiece: Swaggy By Aggy Swimsuit: Foxy Lingerie

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kuyoh Photography

MAKEUP:  Rose Ngina


MODEL: Ezil Ignatious

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