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Times Michelle and Barack Obama were world’s cutest couple

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Even as the Obama’s celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on 3rd October 20Q7, they are the ultimate (Real)ationship goals for most of us. More often than not, the two have left us green with envy with their undeniable chemistry. Here are photos that prove the Obama’s remain the world’s cutest couple:

25 years ago yesterday
  1. Home is where the heart is! Literally

  1.  When your best friend gets your joke. Priceless


  1. Goofing game too strong!

  1. When they couldn’t keep their lips to themselves.


  1. When you can be yourself because your partner appreciates your craziness.

  1. Always hold you down. I will be your mirror too.


  1. Stronger together

  1. My woman! My everything
  2. When your partner is your ride or die

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