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Stop using ‘periods’ as excuse to deny men nooky, pastor preaches

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A pastor shocked and tickled parishioners in Nairobi when he, in the middle of his sermon, addressed female churchgoers, telling them to stop using menstruation, commonly referred to as ‘periods’ as an excuse to deny men their conjugal rights. Pastor Wilson Mwangi, who presides over New Apostolic Brotherhood Church in Kayole area, lit the church when he said he had had two cases in which men from the church reported their wives of refusing to engage them in horizontal acrobatics. He said in both cases, the complaint about menstruation had come up while counseling the spouses.

The man of clothe did not go into details or mention names, but made an appeal to women, arguing that both spouses must be happy and none should appear like shortchanging the other.  “Wamama wanapenda kutumia excuse ya headache kunyima wazee haki yao. Siku hizi wameanza kusema mambo ya mwezi. Hio maneno tafadhali muache. Hapo kwa ofisi nimepata hio ripoti. Hio ni makosa na kina mama muache hio uongo(Women are known to use the headache excuse to deny men their conjugal rights. Nowadays they are using menstruation as an excuse. Please stop it,” pleaded the man of God, leaving the church in stitches.

However, this is not the first time a pastor is saying such things in church. A while ago, local media in Zambia reported a pastor who had taken a swipe at women, warning them against denying men nooky. He argued that most of the cases of domestic violence had been necessitated by women women turning down their husbands bedroom requests.

The man of God cited a case of a local musician who had clobbered his wife after she refused to play ball between the sheets. He urged women to be submissive to their husbands as the good book instructs. He further asked women not to provoke their men denying them their conjugal rights and giving funny excuses like having headaches and experiencing monthly periods.

“However, beating your wife just because she has given a funny excuse is uncalled for and must be condemned,” added the pastor.


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