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For the ladies, early 20s is the ideal age to commitment

Early commitment is therapeutic

Before wisdom paid me a visit, I used to imagine that the ideal age to be committed is late 20s.I used to buy in all the bullshit that in late 20s one is matured and ready for marriage. Come to think of it, our grandmothers married early and stayed in marriage till the cruel hand of death did them apart.

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Early commitment is therapeutic. It’s the only cure to the twisted feminist poison that is poisoning the place of a woman in marriage. In early twenties, a woman’s view on money matters is still limited. She is probably trying out her first jobs.

At this point, she will need the full support of her husband. It’s this support that will strengthen their marriage. By the time she hits 30, she will be done with child bearing. She will be saved from the trauma of having kids in her late thirties. At this time, all women who said marriage is slavery will be busy with diapers. Those who had earlier commitment will be walking their children to college.

Let us not ignore the fact that at a younger age, women are at the prime of beauty and innocence. What a better idea than to show it to the man she will spend all her life with? This will make the love stick like the posters of political aspirants on street posts and shops. The man will forever remember the woman of his youth.

Talking of innocence, in her early 20s, she is most likely to be less exposed to sex. She has not experimented and come across team mafisis famed for their hit and run. She can’t rate guys in the bedroom. Suffice to say that she will be content with her husband. If you ask me, this is a recipe for a successful marriage.

Men will also be weighed down by family responsibilities. They will easily slip into the fatherhood shoe before meeting “their boys” who will spoil them on how not to get married as soon as possible.

In the unfortunate event that things fall apart, there’s always plenty of time to patch things up. A couple can even have the luxury of breaking up for ten years then making up when the woman has not reached menopause. Tell me if those who get committed in their mid-thirties and forties have such a luxury?

If making up with their spouses is impossible, they can always get other partners, have children and live happily thereafter. At the end of the day, we should all agree that marriage is best prioritized.

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This issues about putting marriage on hold sijui till someone is done with masters, becomes financially stable and on and on is not serving us right. If you think it’s a fat lie woven to fill this space, ask yourself why women in thirties and forties have a hard time finding a husband.

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