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Of women who embarass their men in the office


Women know men hate embarrassment. Public embarrassment to be precise.

This is the reason men hate public drama queens. While most men can persevere in-house aibu ndogo ndogo, not many can stand being dressed down, slapped or worse still, kuchomewa picha in front of workmates.

It is one of the worst things that can happen to a man and women have perfected the art of embarrassing their men at the office.

Reasons could range from issues to do with the man holding back child support, neglect and desertion to sexual starvation. Others cause Afro-Sinema after a whiff of their man having a romp with “Alice from accounts”.

Being embarrassed at the office comes in various forms:

1. Dumping brats with the secretary

It is the worst form of embarrassment that can make any man’s balls shrink. It is humiliating. Annoying. Freaking. To say the least.

Take the example of this chief accountant at a city five star hotel in town. The man was battling a paternity suit at the children’s court earlier this year. Musa Mbuvi Mvita had gone to court complaining over harassment by a woman whose child he claimed to have been supporting despite not being sure he was the father.

In the court documents, Mbuvi accused Maria Mumbua Kitheka of bringing the child to the Hilton Hotel to cause him inconvenience and embarrassment.

“On several occasions, Maria Mumbua Kitheka has been bringing the minor child to my place of work and abandons her there making it difficult for me to attend my duties effectively,” said Mbuvi in a supporting affidavit.

“I used to send him money to deposit in my account, but little did I know that he was using the same money to entertain his concubines. He owes me over Sh200,000 which I was sending him to put in my account to help the child in future,” said Mumbua in her response.

Mumbua also claimed that she had never stormed his place of work, but also added that it was her right to go to any hotel she felt like. Further, she said she was ready for a paternity test, asking the court to compel Mbuvi to continue paying Sh60,000 monthly upkeep.

2. Storming the reception

A leading radio presenter was saved by security guards when his baby mama decided to storm his workplace at 4.45pm. The young lady, was hoping to meet the media man before he could walk into his show since he had been avoiding her phone calls. The lady only left after the assurance that the radio presenter would contact her after work hours.

A week later, one of his colleagues was faced with the same predicament. This time, the woman, in question wanted to present a letter from the Children’s Court to the human resource manager. The company receptionist took the letter and begged her to leave as the man would contact her. It is assumed that the man got in touch since she never went back.

3. Breaking car windows, slashing tyres

Leila Abdi could not believe it when she found a used condom in her boyfriend’s bedroom.

“I was just about to write him a nasty note when a photo fell off a book I was using to write the note on. It was a photo of himself, another woman and a baby who resembled him,” Leila told us.

Choked by betrayal, Leila decided to teach the man a lesson. She went to his workplace to confront him but he was not there. “I saw his car at the parking lot and threw a rock at it. I took out a nail cutter from my make-up purse and sliced the tyres of his Mercedes,” Leila who was three months pregnant revealed.

4. Writing ‘revelations’ in visitors’ book

Employees of a leading media house have made it a habit to scroll through the visitor’s book just to keep up with their colleague’s drama.

“The management insisted that if something unique happens it should be indicated on the visitor’s book, which is always available at the reception,” said an employee who requested anonymity.

She further revealed that most of the incidences on the visitor’s book are related to child support issues.

5. Phone calls to switch board

Some women will call the company switch board just to tell workmates they will commit suicide if you don’t see them in the evening. Arthur Kinyanjui, a manager at a city bank, is a victim of such a case. Arthur met his ex-girlfriend turned stalker in a night club. The relationship lasted for only two months after detecting her psycho tendencies. “She would insist on visiting my workplace, meeting my parents and even moving to my church after a week of dating. It took a while to shake her off but she is still bothering me four months later,” Arthur said.

Arthur has changed his phone number five times, but his ex always catches up with him. One time, he claims, that she even called his mother and other relatives saying that she would commit suicide if he did not contact her. Arthur is not contemplating getting help from the police although he is afraid that this may affect her psychologically.

6. Snitching him up to HR

They say hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. One who thought things were never going to be mended visited the HR department of the company the hubby worked as an operations manager and told a bewildered management: “My husband has three mini-buses, I am the wife, yeye huwaibia!...there is no way his salary could have managed...”

The husband, whistling to his office, later reported only to find a termination letter in a white envelope.


7. Social media police

Dead Beat Kenya, that Facebook page where deserting hubbies were anikwad is still fresh on our minds. Dead Beat was very popular because of the kind of venom spewed by scorned women who put the men’s pictures and contacts.

Earlier this year, a boss of a top electronics company was the subject of constant attack by an Indian woman who claimed he dumped him for another wife. Damage done. Then there was the lawyer who used her blog as a platform on her life with her husband.

Njeri Mucheru had been writing on her blog about their marriage problems with advocate David Oyatta in 2013 and included his phone number for anyone to call him. “I love him,” Njeri told us at the time, “I am writing this blog to tell the whole world what he did to me but it is motivated by love.” She added: “My husband’s greatest fear is for people to know who he really is. I on the other hand find great joy in revealing my true self to the whole world....” Damage done.

8. Running to ‘meat wrappers’

The media is one of the most damaging ways to embarrass anyone. And big names have suffered the fate of scorned women who ran to media outlets, crying about abuse, neglect, child support or disinheritance. They provide letters, phone text messages and photos for all and sundry. They give all the juicy gossip, every bedroom antic fit for a bestseller.

9. Fun joint stalkers

Picture this... You sip a drink while watching a game with your friends at the local. In the heat of that manly moment a woman you once dated walks in, pours it to your face screaming how you score an ‘E’ in bed matters! Indeed, fights have broken out in pubs and hotels between ex-lovers who stalk them to entertainment spots where they know you will be having fun with your best friends. There is also the crowd who will watch you squirm, and almost peeing in your pants.

10. Storming man’s workplace

Woe unto you if your wife is a familiar face for some vengeful mistresses unhappy with your dumpy ways might cause havoc at her workplace and shout your name while shouting how you have been romping behind her back for 20 years. 

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