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Loosen up!! You only live once. Live it right.


The unpredictable nature of life is what pushed me to adopt 'YOLO' as my motto. Even the Holy Book advises us not to worry about tomorrow as it will take care of itself; the very tomorrow that philosophers warn might never come. That however does not mean that I do not plan for the future. I do, only that I ensure that the plans I make for the future do not take away my present happiness.

I have seen people push their joys into the future claiming they are planning for tomorrow. They deny themselves the good things in life hoping to enjoy the very things at a later date which again might never come. I specifically do not understand why I should be skipping a meal a day in the hope of saving the cost to cater for better meals way into the future.

We are in Kenya my people, not in one of those developed countries where the government shoulders most of your problems. We are still developing and that means we shoulder most of the government's problems. So, if you treat yourself to bitter herbs while you are still earning a good salary hoping the government will deliver chicken wings and blended juice at your service after retirement, think again. Learn to balance your present and future such that none is negatively affected by the other.

Some people stuff hundreds of thousands in their banks hoping to earn an interest that will help them put up a house years later while they hop, step and jump to avoid stepping on the 'unsteppeble' as they go to their current homes. In the process of willingly living under such conditions, they risk contracting diseases that sprint. You know, those diseases that do not give you a chance try and re-plan for the hundreds of thousands you have stuffed in your account. Diseases that hand you over to your maker on a silver platter.

Then what happens? You leave all that money for people to fight over and throw unnecessary parties after your departure. Something you could have avoided by just spending that money in better living conditions ensuring both your present and future are equally taken care of.

Sometimes you refuse to go on vacation claiming it is a waste of money. My friend, it is advisable to give thanks to your body for the far it has brought you. You say you will go to Mombasa for a holiday after you have bought land. Later after the land, you say you will go there after you have put up your house. Who told you Mombasa will be there then?

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I am planning to sell Mombasa to the highest bidder. My point is, you might be the one missing in action by then. The only thing in your vicinity will be angels flapping their wings as they sing, "Haaaaleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Haleeeeeluiaaah!" Mombasa will not be anywhere within your reach, same to the millions you stuffed somewhere for future use.

If you can afford a car today, go ahead and purchase one. Stop standing for hours in very long queues in town after work only to transport bedbugs from the public transport vehicles to your house. Stop asking the driver to lower the volume so that you can receive a call yet you can peacefully regulate the volume in your car. You are there badmouthing people who have bought cars on loans. Are you the one going to service that loan? You are busy trashing people living in houses they have bought using mortgages. Is mortgage your mother? If I am paying an arm and a leg for my child to attend the best school yet I live in a standard rental house, is it your arm and leg? You continue stuffing your money wherever for future use as you live a miserable life. We will use it to go to Dubai when you are gone! You only live once and once is enough if you live right.

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