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Mukami Kimathi: Being immoral locks out blessings in your life

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Mukami Kimathi (Dedan Kimathi's widow), aged 87 reflects on her younger days.

If I went back to being a young girl I would study hard so that I would be happy in my youth. I didn't get the opportunity to go to school but that did not stop me.


Be unyielding in pursuit of your goals
One time, I thought about making a sweater and I decided to get the material from plants in the forest. There was a tree that one could make thread from. I would pull it off the tree, chew it and make it into strands. Then I would make pullovers from the threads. I began selling them at Sh8 a piece. Pretty soon I could afford to buy the yarn and business prospered. I then moved on to making and selling school uniforms. This is what sustained my family

Develop your mind

Even with an education, do not just dream of working in an office because there will never be enough offices for everyone to work in. If there are no jobs, you can do business so you will be the one to create jobs for other people. Develop your skills and figure out what you can do with them. And learn from the older people around you. Learn from their mistakes, don't make them yourself.

Have kids

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Pray to God that you get children, because God said we should multiply and fill the earth. If you don't sire, where shall we get the leaders of tomorrow? How else shall we build the country? If you bring up your children properly, you are taking care of the home and the country.

Honour your spouse
Young people should honour each other when they build a home. The young man should honour his wife because she was a gift from God and came from the man's rib. The wife should love her husband. When they grow old they should not tell each other, "I did not even want someone like you." Continue to love each other as you grow old.

Shun immorality
God have mercy on us because the immorality we are seeing today is excessive. It is like Sodom and Gomorrah. I would also tell young people to stop indulging in vain and inconsequential things. Everyone should turn away from immorality and listen to the counsel of God and their parents.

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