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CONNIE ALUOCH'S Top 10 TIPS on always looking your proffessional best

1. Invest in classic pieces
For ladies, this would be a basic black skirt, a black pair of trousers and a black dress. These can be worn from a.m to p.m, from your board meeting to your evening cocktail. You should also have a black pair of shoes and a good bag.

For gentlemen it would be fitted suits. Have them in the basic colours which are black, navy blue and grey. Also have basic shirts, which are white, maybe a pastel blue and pink.

2. Invest in separates
If you have that one black skirt, you can have five different separate shirts or tops or blouses that you can mix and match. Have at least three good handbags.

3. Let your shoes do the talking too, not just the walking
They say "when you have a good pair of shoes you have already sealed the deal." You have already walked a mile in them and people respect you. For men, you should have a good belt which must match the shoes.

For ladies, heels play a huge part in your image. They give you more confidence and poise and your projection is just better in heels. If you are going for a job interview for a formal position such as a lawyer or a news anchor, you have to wear heels. What you have a choice in is in the length of the heels. Go for at least three inches and above.

4. But flats have their place too
Have at least two pairs of good flats, because when you wear heels you get tired. The flats can either be open-toed or closed. Sometimes even in the office you can get so tired of wearing heels that you just want to take a break. I would advice that if you commute to work, wear your flats and change in the office. This is to take care of your back, your comfort and your health. Walking in six inches all day is not good for your back.

5. Your hair matters
How you wear your hair largely depends on your environment, because if you are working in a bank for example, you cannot have red and yellow hair. In today's age where natural hair is a big thing, how you manage, treat and maintain it is what matters most.

6. Accessorize and personalize it
Good accessories for men are ties, flower lapels, pocket squares. Men can also find their personal style in their shoes, in their socks and in the different kinds of collars that they wear. It is not only about the straight collar. There are so many different kinds of collars like the winged collars which can individualize your look. Find your personal style and take into consideration your environment and what works best for you.

For ladies, if you are working in a structured environment, go for classic pearls or classic simple pieces. In a more relaxed setting, you can go for the chunkier pieces but do not overdo it. Accessories should complement your look.

7. For makeup, less is more.
Your make-up should look natural. It is supposed to enhance your natural features. The idea is to look beautiful, not to look made up. Do not wear bright-coloured eye-shadow like the yellows and blues. Those are for parties.

8. Be careful with chiffon
If you wear chiffon tops like on a casual Friday, always have a vest under or a jacket over them. This is because they are sheer and transluscent, so if you do not wear anything underneath it exposes you.

9. Your underwear can make or break you.
Wear good fitted bras. You can have your measurements taken at any of the lingerie stores we have in town. When you wear good, fitting underwear your confidence goes up. If you are well supported on the inside it shows through your confidence on the outside.

10. You are what you eat.
Being fit and healthy makes you look better in clothes and gives you a more positive body image. Ensure that you exercise and eat a well-balanced diet in order to achieve this. It improves your self-esteem, and confidence in oneself is always a good look


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