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Garden chair could be all your house needs

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There is no piece of furniture that is not versatile, either in it’s current state or in a slightly altered state. What is an end table in the living room can be a bedside table several years later. I for instance, do not sell my used furniture. I keep switching them from room to room to keep things fresh. Today we will show you how to turn an old garden chair into a new accent chair for the living room.

You have probably seen, owned or used an outdoor garden chair before. These chairs are very popular outdoors but they can be moved to the living room for some unexpected twist at a bargain. Here is how to DIY a garden chair into an accent chair.

You will need:

A garden chair

Paint (Sh300-750 per can).

Undercoat (about Sh600 per litre)

Sandpaper about Sh40 per foot

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A brush about Sh500.



Tape measure

2 inch foam about 18 by 18 inches or approximately the size of your chair’s seat.


Prep the old chair

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Prep your chair by stripping down the old coat of varnish. If the chair has been used outdoors for a while, this will be pretty easy as it is already weathered. Use the sandpaper to do this. You will need a lot of patience and elbow grease for this step.

After sanding down and smoothing, apply a coat of undercoat to the chair. Leave the undercoat for 40 minutes to dry. When it feels dry to the touch, apply a second coat and again, leave for 40 minutes to dry.

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Stitch the cushion

You can use your 40-minute wait time to stitch seating cushion and a throw pillow for the new chair. Both are optional. There is now a handheld sewing machine that will can make this task a breeze. You can use fabric from an old scarf or an old dress to make it more sentimental.

Paint your chair

By this time the undercoat will be dry. Paint the chair using a brush or by spraying.

Spray painting is easy but is limiting since the colours available are few. Alternatively, carry your chair to a spray centre garage (for cars). They will spray it in any colour.

If you choose to use a brush, mix the paint with the required amount of thinner and slowly stroke the brush away.

Allow about 1 hour of dry time between each coat of paint. After two coats, the paint will be dry.

Your chair is now ready to use as an indoor accent chair.

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