Evewoman : Having a dry skin? What your skin is telling you


Having a dry skin? What your skin is telling you


Like our bodies, our skin talks to us, letting us know when something is amiss. Therefore rather than ignoring skin issues and choosing to cover them up with a mask of makeup, listen to your skin. Doing this will lead to better long term skin health.

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How does our skin talk to us and what can we do about it?

1. Congested skin – this is when your skin appears thick and dull.

It may be due to a buildup of dead cells, pollution, toxins, or the use of oil based skincare and makeup products that prevent your skin from breathing properly. You can treat congested skin in the following ways.

• Gentle exfoliation – mix bicarbonate of soda with coconut oil and gently massage onto clean skin. Do this twice a week for brighter, clearer skin.

• Light moisturiser – use a light moisturiser rather than a cream. You could even skip sunscreen for a few days until you notice an improvement.

• Hydrate – drink plenty of water and eat plenty of water-based foods. This will improve lymphatic flow thereby aiding in the elimination of toxins.

• Weekly fruit enzyme mask – fruits such as papaya and pineapples contain protease which helps keep the skin clear and smooth. Mash a small amount of fruit and apply on cleansed skin. Rinse off after 15 minutes and moisturise.

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• Use mineral makeup – this type of makeup allows your skin to breath. You could also use tinted moisturiser by adding some cocoa into your regular face lotion.

2. Skin breakouts – these may be caused by a variety of issues such as poor eating habits, poor hygiene, hormonal changes and stress. What should you do?

• You are what you eat – try to minimise the intake of dairy, sugar, caffeine and junk food for a few weeks.

• Practise good hygiene – if you can’t shower immediately after a workout, use anti-bacterial cleansing wipes. Wash your face every night, even when your not wearing makeup.

• Use the right skincare products – use products that are formulated for your skin type. Several years ago, Clinique products were the “in thing” to use therefore we spent a lot of money obtaining these products, usually from outside the country. We would use the same products irrespective of the fact that we had different skin types.

• Manage stress – through regular exercise, sleeping well and relaxation techniques.

• Seek treatment for hormonal issues.

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3. Dry Skin – chronic dry skin that feels tight and appears gray and ashy.

• Minimise sugar – diabetes or high levels of sugar in your body can lead to dry lips and skin.

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• Harsh soaps – use mild, natural soaps that moisturise while they clean. Harsh soaps will upset the skin’s natural moisture barrier leading to excessive dryness.

• Avoid hot water – wash your face with lukewarm rather than hot water, to maintain moisture.

• Aging – as we age our skin tends to lose moisture. More than 50 per cent of older adults have dry skin, therefore it is beneficial to use natural products and those formulated for dry skin.

The skin is the largest organ therefore it reveals a lot about a person’s general well-being. Being observant and listening to your skin can help to maintain your beauty and health.

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