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Soft life era: The best skincare routine for men

 Best skincare tips for men (Photo: iStock)

When the word skincare pops up, not everyone is going to think of men, as they themselves do not give it the attention that it so desperately needs.

Skin care for men does not have to be as complex and time-consuming as it is for women, but there are a few things that should be put in place to ensure that they do not suffer from any skin problems.

These steps include:

Washing your face twice a day

When taking a bath either in the morning after sleep or in the evening after work, one should pay more attention to washing their face and removing any built-up dirt, this helps the pores to be more open thus allowing the skin to breathe well.

Properly cleansing your face with just soap and water can do wonders for your skin.

One can also invest in purchasing a cleanser that they can use when they do not have time to take a bath by just using a towel soaked in the face wash to remove any pollutants including sweat, dust and excess oils.

The results of this practice can be seen after a few weeks and will be highly appreciated.


As a man, the word exfoliation just screams woman but engaging in this practice will benefit your skin numerously.

Exfoliating can be done twice a few so as to ensure that dead cells are properly removed allowing the new ones to grow and be useful thus giving one a more youthful and healthy look.

Not exfoliating will lead to dead skin piling up and eventually causing rough patches, dark spots and acne which is not attractive at all.

There are different ways of exfoliating such as chemical and physical, one should consider knowing which one works best for them and then investing in it.

Proper hydration

Drinking water does not guarantee glowing and healthy skin but ensures your skin is properly hydrated which will in return benefit you well.

When one is hydrated they will not be able to experience irritation or uneven skin tone as one's skin will have a constant flow of nutrients and minerals gained from the water.

Applying sunscreen

With the sunny weather just around the corner, one should consider getting sunscreen so as to protect themselves from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Applying sunscreen will help protect your skin as exposing it to the sun for long hours can cause sunburns and premature aging.


Keeping the skin hydrated and well-nourished is essential as it ensures your skin is always looking radiant and youthful.

One should look for a suitable moisturizer that works well with their skin type.

It can be applied both in the morning and in at night so as to achieve maximum results, it should be used after cleansing so as to deeply penetrate into the pores.

Healthy diet

Consuming a meal that is well-balanced will enable one to receive all the needed nutrients and vitamins for healthy glowing skin.

One should ensure that they eat a balanced diet and in the right portions so as to promote the generation of healthy skin cells.

This can be achieved by avoiding junk foods, avoiding fatty foods and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Having a skincare routine is important for men of all ages and should be considered. A simple skincare routine could do wonders for your skin.

Proper hygiene and cleanliness are essential elements of skin care as one needs to change clothes daily, change pillowcases and bed sheets after 3 days not forgetting to shower daily.

One should tailor a skincare routine that properly fits their desires, time available and resources available.

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