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Do you think Kenya will ever have a woman president?

(From left) Catherine, Betty and Lucy                          Photo: Jenipher Wachie


Catherine Musembi, Businesswoman: Yes, it will happen in the near future. Look at the way our country has been run down by men. Women are better managers as they start training early in life as home keepers and as they grow, they perfect it.

Women need to believe in themselves and outgrow the cultural belief that they cannot take big positions. We need to try a woman president to see if corruption and this bad management will be avoided.

Catherine Musembi, Business Woman        Photo: Jenipher Wachie


Benta Akinyi Okumu, IT Specialist: No, we will never have a woman president even the Bible tells us that women need to be helpers not the head. In our traditional setup it is very difficult to break that culture.

If given an opportunity, women will under-rate men which will be very bad. Women do not like each other — even voting for each other will not happen.

Benta Akinyi Okumu, IT Specialist               Photo: Jenipher Wachie


Betty Thenya Muia, Salonist: Yes, I believe we can have one in 2022. We have able women and others need to come on board so that we back them for the seat. Women are always focused and can make good managers.

Betty Thenya Muia, Salonist              Photo: Jenipher Wachie


Lucy Wamboi Mwaniki, Teacher and founder of Jadamy Academy, Ruai, Nairobi: We are not yet there. We are praying hard to get one in the near future. Not in this generation because of cultural believes that a woman cannot be a leader.

We need to nurture our children to understand that women can be anything they wish to be - even president, among other forms of leadership. The upcoming generation have the potential and have proved that they can make it with our support.

Lucy Wamboi Mwaniki, Teacher and Founder of Jadamy Academy, Ruai, Nairobi

Photo: Jenipher Wachie


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