Evewoman : I fainted at the altar on my wedding day


I fainted at the altar on my wedding day

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From Eve's Bridal Archives

BRIDE: Wilkister Awuor Akoth

GROOM: Benard Mwachuya Makumbi

VENUE: Praise Chapel Mombasa;

PHOTOSHOOT: Seaside Mombasa Golf Course.



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WILKISTER: This is one day I can never forget. Being in the company of such a gentleman is something all women long for. Even though it was our first date, I felt it in my spirit that this was the man I have been waiting for.

BEN: Our first date was in a certain hotel in town where we had lots of fun. I remember we decided to walk home instead of taking a matatu as we needed more time to talk. One would think we had known each other for decades as I kept asking myself, “Where was she all this time?”


WILKISTER: Ben came to my office in Kwale one afternoon and ordered food from a nearby restaurant. We ate and talked as usual. Later, as I pulled out one of the drawers to get a piece of paper, I was so shocked to see a very tiny purse in the drawer so I turned to ask if he knew how it got there and I was puzzled to see him on his knee ready to pop the question. He took the purse and, wow, there it was, a very beautiful gold ring.

BEN: I had visited her a couple of times but this time she had no idea I was coming. I walked into her office trying to be as calm as possible and sneaked the ring into one of her drawers. Everything went as planned. With my fingers crossed I went on my knee and she said yes!


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WILKISTER: There was plenty of drama. I fainted just when Ben was saying his vows to me. I could not believe that the moment had finally arrived and I fainted before the bishops, parents, friends, relatives and faithful. It was just a hot day and I guess the heat got to me. But thanks to my friends who did first aid on me, the rest is history.

BEN: Early that morning, one of the groomsmen disappeared, we had to start arranging for an alternative. Luckily, he showed up in church just in time for the service as I was pondering my next move. Later as I was saying my vows Wilkister fainted and it was such a tense moment. But thank God she was back on her feet after a couple of minutes.                                   

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WILKISTER: Young couples planning to wed must be flexible in terms of budget. Be ready to work with whatever is available and above all make God the centre of every plan. Let GOD be in charge of everything and also pray a lot. If possible get a few trusted friends who will stand with you in prayer.

BEN: God is able. It is only Him who will bring it to pass and not men, so pray, pray and pray. Find a good team be a good listener and learn from the best. All in all, it’s a wonderful experience with blessings for both parties. The joy that comes with it is just amazing.

PHOTOS AND WORDS: Maarufu Mohamed

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