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Tips to help you lift weights better

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Many women have been told again and again that lifting weights will make them bulk up so they tend to shun the exercise. The fact is that there is nothing wrong with lifting weights. If you want to enjoy full benefits of exercise, it is OK to sometimes incorporate resistance training in your programme.

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Here are a few tips to consider that can help you get the result you want in no time.

Maintain proper form

During your workout, try as much as possible not to work the muscles you are not targeting. Put all your focus on the working muscles. This is to say, if your focus is to tone your arms, avoid movement that can affect other areas like your back due to swinging movements.

Focusing on that particular muscle group gives you maximum results. Proper form also gives you stability and proper movements as you work the rest of your body.

Arrange your sets and repetitions accordingly

A nice weight-lifting exercise for toning your body is to reduce the size of the weights you are using (small weights) while increasing the number of sets and repetitions for the whole workout.

You can try few sets with high repetitions of about 12 to 15 to fully fatigue your muscles. Any good conditioning exercise requires you to push yourself to a point of muscle failure. Doing this not only tones your muscles but also ensures that the fat underneath is fully worked on

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Controlled and slow repetitions

Don’t be in a hurry to finish the number of sets and repetitions as you exercise. The tempo of how you work out should be two seconds of positive execution and four seconds back (relaxation) and make sure you fully understand the difference between weight lifting and weight throwing.

Weight throwing is just lifting weights haphazardly without considering the rule and safety measures. Focus on concentration as you eliminate momentum.

Rest in between workouts

It is very vital to have enough rest in between workouts. It allows recovery before the next exertion is done and also enabling you to exercise a bit longer.

Another type of rest is to simply take some days off maybe a day or two but also depending on your activity level and the intensity of your workout. A few day’s rest helps in relaxing, recovering and building stronger well-toned muscles.

Besides cardio and healthy eating, incorporate all the above and see your body changing in no time.

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