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3 easy steps to breaking bad habits.

 Forming new habits: Photo; Courtesy

Bad habits are simply bad for everyone. They are disruptive, irritating, displeasing, and disrespectful and can prevent you from enjoying a fruitful, fulfilling life and achieving personal and professional success. They jeopardize relationships both at home and at the work place, physical and physiological health and leave you drained of energy.

Bad habits can be as minor as nail biting to compulsive destructive behavior, alcohol and drugs, pornography and maturation. Whatever habit you are struggling with, the good news is that you can end this habit and get your freedom back.

What causes bad habits?

Most bad habits are as a result of stress, boredom, a desire for adventure or simply keeping bad company. Someone said that a person is as good as the five friends they keep. Most times it begins as a desire, an action that translates to a habit. This happens gradually without much notice or intention.

Habits can also be caused by a poor self-image, self-worth and low self-esteem, values and beliefs. You need to search deeper concerning your fears and anxieties, and events in your life that could be causing you the bad habits and once you recognised the causes, you need to deal with them as it is crucial to overcoming them.

Bad habits can be replaced

Bad habits address certain needs in your life, and for that reason, you can identify the need and replace the habit with a healthier, fulfilling and fruitful one. It is important to address the needs and how they will be met as you break the bad habit and get into a routine. It is said that where there is a will, there is a way, and yes, you shall overcome your bad habit because you purpose to do so. There is no habit that cannot be broken, simply begin the journey and be committed to your goals.

Steps to break the bad habit

Make it a conscious choice: Acknowledge the bad habit, and why you wish to break it. If you are able to identify when you engage in the bad habit, how you do it, what are the triggers and circumstances behind the habit and the feelings attached to the habit, you are on your pathway to success. It is said that awareness is the heartbeat of therapy. Avoid anything that will cause the triggers and replace your time with activities that please you.

Write it down: Documenting this challenging and exciting journey will help you become self-accountable, write down daily what you do, how you do it and the emotions experienced in the process. Thinking through things is good, writing them down makes them a reality, where you can experience a transformation over time and monitor your progress. Whatever is measured gets done!

Accountability partner: When someone holds you accountable, it becomes easier to keep on track. You cannot get out of a bad habit in secret, someone needs to hold your hand and walk the journey with you. Someone needs to lift you up when you fail and to cheer you on. It also helps to celebrate weekly achievements and eventually the significant success. The accountability partner becomes your greatest cheerleader and motivator on this journey. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and who love you. Avoid being alone at any time.

Visualize your success: See yourself getting rid of every bad habit and turning a new leaf of a fruitful abundant lifestyle. Own it, believe it and begin to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Sleep enough hours, rest and rejuvenate. Begin to build a new identity in your mind. The mind is a powerful tool and whatever you are able to conceive, you can achieve. Dream it, own it and make it happen.

Give yourself positive affirmations and have a daily conversation with yourself at the mirror. Pump yourself up every morning or evening whatever works best for you and if challenged do consider seeking professional support.

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