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4 moves to perfect thighs and butt


If you hardly get time to hit the gym, fret not... all you need is to set time once in a while and make sure you are well equipped with the right moves for your arms, butt, thighs, shoulders, back and chest simultaneously. All you require is the resistance of your own body weight and a set of dumbbells.

The only rule here is that the cycle through each exercise should be continuous with minimal rest in-between as you aim for at least 10 to 12 reps for each set. Once you are through with the first circuit, rest for a minute or 90 seconds at most then start again from the top. Repeat this sequence two or three more times if you still have time.

1. Plie squats

This targets butts, hips and thighs: Hold a dumbbell with both hands and stand straight. Then move your legs so that they are wider than your shoulder width apart with your knees slightly bent. Your toes should be facing out.

Slowly bend the knees and lower your legs until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Press down slowly mainly with the heel of the foot to bring your body back to the starting point. Remember, your arms should always be stationary while performing the exercise.

2. Chair dips

This targets your arms: Place your hands behind you on the edge of a seat with your shoulders width apart. With your hands fully secure, step a foot away straightening your legs and your heels in contact with the floor.

 Lift your body by straightening your arms then lower yourself back down bending your elbows back to 90 degrees and hold. Repeat the sequence a couple of times.

3. Floor push ups

This targets your chest and upper back: Get into a push up position and place your hands on the floor shoulder width apart with you slightly elevated. This will be your starting point. With bend arms, lower your body until your chest reaches the floor.

Push your body back up, straightening your arms to the starting positing then repeat. To make it easier, your knees can still remain on the ground through the exercise.

4. Shoulder press

This targets your shoulders: From a standing position, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure you plant your feet firmly on the floor hip width apart.

Raise the weights above your head bending your elbow so that the weights are parallel to your head. Push the dumbbell straight up then back to the starting position and repeat severally.

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