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6 facts that are a complete turn off on a first date


Still have strong feeling for your ex-wife? If you want a second date, it’s best to keep this information to yourself

"I want to love you" - the one phrase we WANT to hear on a first date - followed by "we would make beautiful children" and "you remind me of my mum".

All three flag that love really is in the air, the air somewhere outside that is, and it's time to run.

If you're heading for a big night with your hot date, what issues should you guard against mentioning during your time together?

1."My financial situation is..."

Avoid talking about your finances at ALL costs, at least until the third date.

There's no greater turn off than arrogance, likewise, talking about your negatives is also going to drive your date to sleep. You want to be evaluated on your personality - not your wallet.

2. "My last relationship was a disaster."

Focus on the here and now - and make your goal to find out more about your date - rather than filling the hour with romantic horror stories.

3. "Will you marry me?"

Even if you feel like she is "the one", a first date proposal is never a good sign - and could result in your date running a mile.

Likewise, avoid any phrases along the lines of "I love you" until date number three, at least.

4. "We're going to be great friends."

Don't friend-zone your date until you're completely sure their not the one - and never will be.

There are people who use online dating services to meet friends, so you may end up giving the wrong signals.

5. "I think I'm still in love with my ex."

This is the ultimate red flag and will result in your date being cut short - or he/she feeling sorry for you.

If you are in love with your ex, perhaps dating isn't the right step for you.

6. "Do you mind if I use a coupon for dinner?"

You may be smart with your money or saving for a rainy day, but one thing that is a sure turnoff for many is someone that could be cheap.

If you're determined to use a coupon, hand it to the waiter before your date arrives.

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