Evewoman : 6 ways exercise speeds up hair growth


6 ways exercise speeds up hair growth


Our internal health is very important for hair growth. Exercise and, of course, eating the right food are very key to a healthy lifestyle. Women who exercise regularly will notice that their hair will be healthier.

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The regular exercise increases general health and improved blood circulation in the body. Increased circulation stimulates growth in hair follicles. This means that improved overall health facilitates healthy hair growth.

However, too much exercise may do more harm than good to your hair. It causes chronic stress in the body, which can lead to immature shedding of the hair. Excessive exercise also causes you to sweat and salty sweat build up on your head can cause faster shedding or other damage to your hair. The solution is thus exercise regularly, but avoid extreme exercise activities, and take good care of your hair with the proper hair care products.

With regular and moderated exercise you will achieve:

Improved health: Exercise benefits the entire body as it strengthens your cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of getting some medical conditions that affect the growth of hair. A healthy body means healthy hair, glowing skin and strong nails.

Less stress: Exercise helps reduce stress. Our hair is affected by stress. When we are stressed, our bodies produce a hormone called cortisone, which leads to shedding of hair. When we exercise, we produce the hormone serotonin, which helps in the reduction of stress. The less stressed out we are, the healthier our hair becomes.

Regeneration of cells: The production of new cells in our bodies increase and a slower breakdown of proteins when we sleep. Our hair is mostly made up of proteins, which are needed for cell growth. Regular exercise ensures we sleep better, leading to better cell renewal and, of course, improved general health and hair.

Nourished follicles: Each hair follicle/root has blood vessels that nourish it by supplying it with oxygen and all nutrients necessary. The nutrients and oxygen help in hair growth. Exercise increases blood flow/circulation and body temperature in the body and scalp. The more the flood flows, the more the nutrients and oxygen supplied to the scalp thus improving hair growth.

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Cardio exercises: The body temperature and the speed in which blood pumps through the body and the scalp increases when one does cardio exercises like aerobics or running. Half an hour of cardio, two to three times a week, results into healthy hair.

Yoga: Yoga increases blood flow to the body and scalp since it involves back bends and inverted poses. It is thus great for hair growth. The calming nature of yoga also reduces stress levels.

It is worth noting that caring for the hair while exercising is important. Wear some protective gear to minimise its contact with sweat. Do not also forget to keep up with your hair regimen to keep your hair and scalp well-maintained and clean.

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