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How to have a flat tummy at any age

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Dear Bob,

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My tummy is too big and it has become a bother now as it is denting my self-esteem. Please advise me on what to do to get rid of it?


Dear Jemimah,

As much as reducing your tummy size is concerned, something you also have to know is that your stomach area and especially your abs are your body’s centre of power. They provide that core strength you need to do any physical activity.

The strength to bend, sit, stand upright or even just twist side to side. Meaning having stronger well-toned abdomen aids your balance which therefore helps to prevent lower back injuries while also promoting good posture.

One thing though, don’t make a mistake of doing many sets of abdominal exercises only in the hope of getting that flat tummy you’ve always yearned for.

Your body hardly burns larger amount of calories or fat during such exercises only. The secret towards developing a flat stomach lies completely on how you treat your body as a unit.

If you seriously want your stomach to be visible, it is important to include few exercises that can also burn extra calories to lower overall body fat percentage. Some of these exercises are cardio workouts such as rowing, jogging, walking, cycling, dance classes and even swimming.

And since fat deposition is evenly distributed in the body, the mentioned exercises will work both your upper and lower body simultaneously therefore reducing total body fat inch by inch. It’s only when your body fat percentage is low enough, that your abdominals can be flat, visible and tighter.

The other most important thing to do right now is to cut down on any meal that can increase your body fat percentage and let your body use what is already in store.

You can either decide to cut down completely on any additional fat intake, complex sugar and most carbs intake or reduce portions of such while replacing with them high fibre food that can help aid digestion. Fruits and veggies are also ideal replacements.

This doesn’t mean you change your eating plans completely, it is all about eating healthy. If you are more used to frying your meal, why not once in a while stew or steam them.

 If you are used to junking often why not opt for healthy snacks and drinking water now and then. If you are conditioned to follow a certain eating plan maybe breakfast, lunch, super and sometime a few biting in between, why not eat when it is necessary, eat when you feel hungry.

You also need a routine consisting of strength exercises for the upper and lower body like weight training and abdominal workouts because such exercises will rev up your metabolism.

Abdominal workouts will not only help to make your stomach flat but also define and tone your abs completely. When you do all these, you will be on the right path towards getting that flat tummy.

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