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3 steps on how to do a salon-worthy manicure

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3 steps on how to do a salon-worthy manicure

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Save money on your manicure and give your nails a makeover at home with our step-by-step guide by nail expert, Lorraine Griffin.

STEP 1: Prep

"Start off by getting your hands ready," says Lorraine. You can make your own hand scrub with a few tablespoons of sugar mixed with a couple of teaspoons of almond or coconut oil. Once that’s washed off, file your nails into your chosen shape. Use a soft nail file rather than one of the hard glass ones, as they can be too rough.

STEP 2: Paint

Make sure your nails are absolutely dry before applying any polish. If there’s oil or water on them, they’ll chip quicker. For extra staying power, apply a clear base polish before the colour. Try to choose a varnish that comes with a thick, oval-shaped brush, as it makes the overall finish a lot neater. "Apply two coats, ensuring each layer is dry before you apply the next," Lorraine advises.

STEP 3: Perfect

Seal your colour by applying a good top coat. One coat will do, and if your nails are long enough, drag the brush over the ends to stop them from chipping. "Cuticle oils are underrated too," Lorraine says, "but they make your polish dry quicker as it stops the oxygen getting to your nails, so finish by applying a couple of drops after you’re done with your manicure."

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