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Getting Rid of Stress Through Tapping

Managing stress
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Stress is part of life and there’s no way to avoid it. But we need to keep it at a minimal otherwise, it may cause serious health problems.

One way you can minimise stress is using emotional freedom techniques (EFT).

So how do emotional freedom techniques work?

According to Wikipedia, EFT is a form of counselling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture.

It has a placebo effect on its patients by distracting one’s attention from pessimistic thoughts giving a therapeutic effect if employed properly.

EFT is basically a type energy psychology amalgamating psychotherapy, energy healing, and usage of words, the cognitive mind, usage of fine energies and the emotional body.

It is a lively type of acupuncture, which relies on tapping using the fingertips rather than needles to release the old and dormant energy. Also known as ‘meridian tapping’ and ‘acupressure tapping’, it is one of easiest energy therapies for clients who are looking for a simple stress remedy.

How does it work?

While tapping, you need to focus on the events causing you stress.

Tapping can be done many times a day as and when any stressful situation arises.

Imagine yourself being a computer and everything, which has been stocked up in your cellular memory is your operating system.

 If you have grown up in a disturbed or violent family environment, or have experienced some major shock in life, or have been insulted by your sibling or bullied in school, you stock up all such memories in active form.

EFT employs gentle tapping done on the face and certain body points while incorporating particular phrases on negative emotions or events into your routine.


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