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What it means when you have peeling nails and how to fix them

Fashion and Beauty
 Peeling nails are an indication that something is worng (Shutterstock)

Keeping up with beauty boils down to good hair, skin and nail care. We always talk about getting our hair and nails done because that alone sums up a huge part of the beauty world.

There are times when your nails will indicate that something is wrong because they peel. The causes could be either internal or external, or both depending on how you handle them and what’s going on within your body.

Today, we could help you get to the root cause for your peeling nails and guide you on what you can do about it.

You don’t give your nails a break

Extensions, stick-on nails and acrylics usually look so pretty. No doubt. But there comes a time when the health of your nails will start to deteriorate if you’re constantly booking appointments at the nail parlor.

Your nails are exposed to all sorts of chemicals that sip into them and cause damage. That’s why you need to take breaks more often so that your nail health can be restored.

This also applies to constantly applying polish whether it’s the regular polish or gel.

You need to schedule breaks where you let them breathe.

You’re constantly doing chores without gloves

This is probably one of the most common causes of peeling. At home, our nails are exposed to cleaning products that haven’t been designed to prioritize the health of our nails regardless of how gentle they say they are.

This will cause your nails to weaken over time.

The cleaning products accelerate the problem but water itself is very damaging as well. Constantly wet nails soak up too much water, which causes them to break and peel easily.

The only solution is to use gloves whenever you do chores.

 The causes of your nail chipping could be either internal or external (Shutterstock)
You’re not moisturizing your nails

How often do you remember to moisturize your nails? The first instinct is to moisturize the hands forgetting that nails need hydration as well.

Whenever you oil your hands, take time to massage some of the lotion on your nails. You can even go a step further and buy some nail oil.

You’re filling with the wrong tools and technique

The way you handle your nails also matters. You might think you’re doing everything right during your home mani-pedi only to realize you’ve been missing a few steps.

First, invest in good quality files that won’t destroy your nails. Some are meant to be used for buffing and smoothing and other types for filing the edges.

Afterwards, file them gently and in one direction rather than moving the file in random motions.

You might be dealing with an underling condition

You could be dealing with an internal cause. If you’ve done all you can to maintain the health of your nails but they’re still not okay something could be amiss.

Some of the common reasons are vitamin D and B7 deficiencies, low iron levels or even hormonal changes. Some reasons are more serious than others like in the case of kidney disease.

You should always eat a healthy, balanced diet as a preventative measure and consult your doctor.

It’s important to get some tests done at the hospital before assuming you need supplements for a certain issue. You could even end up taking supplements for the wrong thing and overload your body which is dangerous.

Lastly, always handle your nails with care. Get a nail cutter instead of biting off chunks of your nails and maybe even coat them will something that will prevent you from compulsively chewing them.

Also, never use your nails to pop lids open or to pick at anything. That aggressive handling will definitely cause some chipping and breaking.

What could you talk for 30 minutes about with absolutely no preparation?

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