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New horizons: Thriving in the digital space

Achieving Woman
 Thriving in the digital space (Photo: Anne Mwangi)

Do you think Kenya is ready for digital integration?

Yes, Kenya has shown significant progress in embracing digital technology, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. The disruption caused by the pandemic forced many businesses and individuals to adopt digital tools and platforms.

How has your experience been with working in the digital space?

My experience has been exciting and fulfilling. The fast-paced nature of the industry requires one to be constantly on their toes, ensuring that their brand is at the forefront of trends and developments. Being well-informed about what’s happening in the digital space is crucial, as there is always something new to learn and potentially implement. While it can be challenging to keep up with the rapid pace of change, I find it to be an exciting opportunity for growth and innovation.

How would you compare how things were done then to now?

The advancement of technology and digital operations has greatly improved the way we conduct business, learn, communicate, and stay informed. In the past, we had limited options for communication, and we had to wait for news updates through traditional media outlets like television and newspapers. Business operations also involved lengthy processes like writing and mailing letters, which could take several days or even weeks to receive a response.

How do you think this has transformed how we communicate?

Today, digital technology has made everything more convenient and efficient, with all the information we need available at the touch of a button. We can communicate in real-time through various digital channels, including email, video conferencing, and social media. We can also access the latest news and information instantly through online platforms. I appreciate the ease of access and convenience that digital operations provide. It allows for quicker and more efficient communication, access to information, and business operations, ultimately saving time and increasing productivity.

What are some of the challenges women face in digital spaces?

Work life balance, lack of female role models, gender bias and discrimination, Imposter syndrome: Women may feel like they don’t belong or are not qualified enough in a male-dominated industry, leading to self-doubt and decreased confidence, just to mention a few

Let us talk about women in digital spaces.

The industry is slowly embracing women my thoughts being that women are often known for their attention to detail, which can be valuable in the digital space where accuracy and precision are critical and also women are often adaptable and resilient, which can be an asset in the rapidly changing digital space.

How did you get started in this profession?

I started working in the digital space in 2021. I had the will and the drive. I strongly believe that with determination and hard work, any goal can be achieved. Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself, I seized it without hesitation, determined to achieve success and excel in the digital space.

Is this what you always wanted to do?

I take pride in excelling in all endeavours that I put my mind to. Challenging myself in the tech, this digital space, has been a fulfilling experience, and so far, I have thrived and continue to thrive in this industry. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What does your job entail?

My current role involves leading a department responsible for managing Sales, Marketing, and Agency operations and therefore, I have to be well informed and updated with the current trends in digital space in order to execute my tasks as required in a fast paced industry.

What are some of myths and misconceptions in digital spaces?

Digital technology is only for young people, always a time-waster and meant for tech savvy people. Have an open mind to learn and be intentional of what you consume on the digital space.

What are some of the transformations you would like to see to ensure digital competence in the country?

Improving access to affordable internet connectivity, upgrading existing infrastructure, and expanding coverage to underserved areas. The government should provide incentives and resources to encourage the growth of local digital businesses, which can help create jobs and contribute to economic growth. Lastly the government should partner with the private sector to drive innovation and investment in the digital space, and to ensure that Kenya remains competitive in the global digital economy.

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