Online jobs are as hyped as the kwero (Quails) business thatrecently saw many lose their much-earned cash on that investment. Althoughonline academic jobs have been there for a while in Kenya, are they worthpursuing? No.

<p><b>The account owner pays you peanuts for a paper going for a few tens of dollars on the academic site. </b></p><p><b>You could even spend all day indoors in the name of looking for money, doing one paper after another. </b></p>

Here are some of the reasons why you should think hardbefore pursuing these jobs.

1. It depends on who you know- Think of it as an acceptedform of corruption where those who have it use those who don’t have, to climbhigher. The account owner pays you peanuts for a paper going for a few tens ofdollars on the academic site. They are brokers arm-twisting newbies in theindustry and raking from it.

2. It kills your social life- spending all day seated, allthe way to late at night is no joke.

You could even spend all day indoors in the name of lookingfor money, doing one paper after another. For those of us who have been inthis, we have one word- It’s boring. You unknowingly push away friends so thatyou can beat deadlines. 

3. Mental Slavery- It is a form of psychological slaverymany African graduates are getting trapped in. The feeling of earning Sh100,000seems so sweet to jump at. Seen how those dropouts end up in Saudi Arabiaslavery in the name of searching for the oil handouts, our university graduatecould not be far from that. Our poor counterparts from India are even willingto take a third of what an average Kenyan will not accept. Think of it asslavery for choice.

4. No money - forget the academic writing, being paid $0.001for a single task is no joke. Try online surveys, and you will be astonished.These do not even deserve to be called part-time jobs. They are sucking lifeaway from our youths. The same applies for genuine, pay-per-click sites.

5. Loose skills

By the time our graduate opts out of this slavery, they willbe in stagnation. Doing homework for white students for two or three years cansurely delete all Engineering Laboratory skills you learned. Don’t bother thegovernment if you seem to not secure a job after wasting your tarmacking yearson this jobs

Be careful. If you are contemplating on whether to join ornot.