Eric Omondi and Basket Mouth faceoff

Eric Omondi

  1. When it comes to romantic songs, Kenyans are really behind. Our Nigerian and Tanzania brothers are really ahead. I mean look at how Diaomond treats his supposed girlfriend in the Number One video. Look at Davido as well on the Aye song. Cross over to Kenya, a musician brings out a full beautiful woman just to sit with her on the floor and declare these are his things.
  2. When I was in the United States, one thing I noticed is that News is not about the news anchor. Watching their TV, a reporter would stop in the middle of a story to bring out a developing story from a reporter who is actually on the ground. Cross over to Kenya, watching news is like watching a fashion show.
  1. I though Baba would have at least changed his walking style when he came from the country.

Basket Mouth.

  1. When your blow yourself into pieces, how do you expect to work with the 25 promised virgins in heaven? And while we at it, do you know how dealing with one virgin is difficult? There is no pleasure; it is work, 25 times harder. 
  2. Muslims are very religious and committed to their religion and leaders. One Osama was a great man, he could tell one to go kill himself and they would do without hesitation. Now I would imagine when the Pope approaches me to kill myself and blow myself for my religion my response while singing in a Catholic hymn would most likely be: “Let God tell me himself.”
  3. I want to die and be buried like someone who lived a full life. If you sing those sorrowful church songs at my funeral like Mandela’s I will haunt you for the rest of your life. I want to be buried with swag…with Ace Hood’s I woke in a new Bugatti playing in the background and the pallbearers doing the crip-walk while carrying the casket of me laying like I was posing for a professional model shoot.

Verdict: Both ‘killed it’ in their own fashion, Eric with his stage presence and antiques and Basket Mouth with his mouth.  But judging closer, Basket Mouth has the last laugh.