Mariah Carey with husband Nick     PHOTO: COURTESY

-American Idol

Nick Cannon, host of America’s Got Talent 2013, is apparently not shy at all about discussing what he and wife Mariah Carey do in the bedroom! In fact, he was quite willing to discuss some of the finer points of his sex life with the American Idol 2013 judge in a recent appearance on the Howard Stern show.

What secrets did Nick share about his lovemaking with his wife? Well, for one thing, Mariah apparently finds the sound of her own voice very arousing. Yes, that’s right, Mariah Carey has a fondness for listening to her own music while she’s getting it on with her hot hubby.

“I f#ck her to her music,” Nick Cannon said explicitly in her interview on the Howard Stern show. Talk about coming right out and saying it, Nick! The America’s Got Talent 2013 host wants to make it clear that this isn’t something he decides, it’s totally up to Mariah what the two of them listen to during their happy time.“Sometimes that’s not always my choice,” Nick continued. “There’s only one playlist that we can choose…She puts the music on …but, I love it so it doesn’t matter.“ Indeed, even if Nick was given control of the tunes playing in the bedroom, he wouldn’t argue about the selection.

“I wouldn’t choose any type of other music. Sometimes we’ll mix some Al Green in there…some Teddy Pendergrass. But, I like when her song comes up,” Nick said.

Well, Nick and Mariah may have just recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, but it’s obvious the heat hasn’t diminished a bit in this relationship! We just have to wonder though, what does Mariah think about the world knowing she prefers to get down and dirty to the sound of her own voice?

Source: HipHopWorld