Celebrities rubbish blogger Edgar Obare's accusations over the source of their wealth

By Fay Ngina | 1 month ago
Jalang'o and Tanasha Donna rubbish Edgar Obare's accusations.

Jalang'o, Tanasha Donna and Prezzo are among celebrities who have come out to set the record straight following damning allegations by popular gossip blogger Edgar Obare that cast aspersions on how they make their money.

Radio Presenter and comedian Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, said he never thought someone would question how he made his money.

“I never ever thought, that one day somebody will ever question my integrity and how I make my money and accuse me or write something that makes me look like a fraud,” explained Jalang’o.

He added: “On my father’s grave, I have never ever stolen from anyone neither have I ever gotten involved in fraudulent or unscrupulous deals. To me, it has always been hustle and it has never changed, if it was that easy to make money then everybody would.”


The Gere hitmaker, whose blue BMW was at the centre of the allegations, said she works hard to earn everything she has achieved.

“I work hard and very hard for my s**t! Everything I own today I bought with my own hard-earned money and sweat. Don’t involve my name in y’all BS. Some of y’all are sickening. Sickening,” she added. 

Over the weekend, controversial blogger Edgar Obare became the talk of town on Twitter following his claims.

Since then, however, Obare has gone silent after his Instagram account was deactivated, worrying many of his fans.

“My main account has been deactivated, working to get it restored. Meanwhile we already prepared for such outcomes and I can also be posting here,” wrote Obare on his other account, Bnnke.

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