Reports have been flooding in by the second on technical outage accumulator Down Detector. Photo: Getty Images.

Thousands of Facebook Messenger and Instagram users have reported having issues using the two platforms this afternoon. From around 2.30pm onwards, reports have been flooding into technical outage accumulator site Down Detector. Messenger users are having problems logging in and sending messages, while Instagram appears to be mostly having newsfeed problems. People have been venting their frustrations on Twitter, with one writing: "Facebook Messenger is down again for the second time this week. It’s starting to become a very unreliable platform."

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Another added: "Anybody else having issues with Facebook messenger? I'm trying to respond to someone and constantly have a 'Connecting...' message up at the top of the thread. This has happened on both the website and in the iOS app."

Another tweeted the official Messenger page saying: "Please fix, my messages haven't been sending, I thought it was my Wi-Fi but my Wi-Fi is good, but the messages won’t send, anD my friends are having the same problem."

And a third said: "Oh look Messenger is down again who could've thought."

Despite the issues, however, Facebook's Service Status page says that the platform is "healthy".

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In Down Detector's stats, 65 per cent of reports about Instagram are in relation to the newsfeed, with 17 per cent each about the Stories and the website. While 80 per cent of Messenger reports relate to receiving messages and 19 per cent to logging in.

The last flurry of reports for Instagram came on February 19, 17 and 9, while Messenger had flagged problems on February 19 and 4. Neither of the platforms appear to have addressed the current issues publicly. WhatsApp users were also reporting issues earlier in the day.