The bug was removed when doctors poured a medicine down the girl's ear to force it out [Photo: ViralPress]

A girl has been left traumatised after a bug leaped at her and burrowed into her ear for two days. Tha Rungkasatra, 12, was lying in bed in her room in Thailand when she saw the black bug entering her room on November 10. Tha panicked as it suddenly jumped on her, landing on her head and crawling into her ear, Yahoo News Australia reports.

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She screamed as she frantically tried to get the insect out of her ear canal, at which point her 30-year-old mum rushed to her rescue. She joined her desperate daughter's efforts to remove the bug but then blood "shot out" and the girl was taken to hospital.

Recollecting the horrific experience, her mother Jinda said: "The insect flew into her ear. My daughter flinched and her eyes were bulging. We tried to remove it until the bloodshot out of her ear." Once Tha reached the hospital, she was visited by doctors and told the insect had already left.

Tha Rungkasatra, 12, was lying in bed in her room when she saw the black bug entering her room [Photo: ViralPress]

Tha was discharged but the irritation carried on while she lay in bed throughout the night, so her mum took her to the hospital once more the next day. This time round specialists at the hospital's otorhinolaryngology ward did carry out an in-depth examination which revealed the bug was still inside the child's ear.

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Doctors poured some medicine into the ear to force the creature out. She was kept in hospital overnight and woke up the next morning to a pillow full of blood. The insect had partially emerged from the canal before it was completely removed by the doctors. Tha was able to go home but from then on “flinches whenever she sees a fly".