Nviiri and Elodie Zone.

Are influencer Elodie Zone and musician Nviiri The Storyteller the latest celebrity couple in town? In Instagram stories seen by Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle this past Sunday, the two known figures were spotted camping in a foresty Airbnb located in Karen, Nairobi. It looked like an invite-only party for close friends and family members. As far as the public is concerned, musician Nviiri was last known to be in a song-writing camp in Limuru, but it seems he had permission or there is another explanation to it. They say special people deserve special favours right?

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Reports suggest that the writing camp is meant to discipline the boys, limiting their pleasures so they can concentrate on making good songs for their solo albums. Nviiri might be following in the footsteps of fellow label mate Bensoul getting back into dating, this is after a long break with his ex-girlfriend who was known to accompany him everywhere.