Two-year-old Sujith Wilson was pronounced dead after four days down a well in India.

A toddler who was trapped 100ft down a well for four days has died after a desperate race to save him.

Rescue workers frantically tried to save the tot, named as two-year-old Sujith Wilson, however his death was announced early this morning.

The alarm was initially sounded after locals heard a child's cries coming from the abandoned well, although the boy's voice fell silent on Sunday.

Rescue efforts were halted after a foul smell started emanating from the hole, with the Indian authorities later recovering the boy's body.

Initial reports said the lad plunged 30ft down the well on Friday, before slipping a further 70ft on Sunday.

It is believed he fell into the hole while playing.

The youngster's plight captured the attention of the world's media, with major figures such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi weighing in on the situation.

A huge rescue operation was launched to try and save the tot .

He tweeted: "My prayers are with the young and brave Sujith Wilson.

"Spoke to CM @EPSTamilNadu regarding the rescue efforts underway to save Sujith. Every effort is being made to ensure that he is safe. @CMOTamilNadu."

The rescue operation was held up by hard ground conditions around the well in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, ABC News reports.

Drills were used to dig down next to where the boy was trapped, however the machines struggled to break through rocks under the surface.

Rescue workers pumped oxygen down the hole in a bid to keep the boy alive.

It was expected to take another 12 hours to rescue the toddler when it became clear he had died, NDTV reports.

In recent days, local authorities across India pledged to cover up abandoned wells, which are common in the country.