Comedian Akuku Danger on Sunday pointed an accusing finger at Verah Sidika for not settling a debt that she owes him.

Taking to social media, the comedian stated that he was contacted by Verah to provide a sound system for her gender reveal party and they settled on Sh15,000.

According to screenshots shared by Akuku, Verah made a down payment of Sh10,000 and promised to pay the balance once the sound system got to Fair Acre Boutique in Karen.

“Yesterday Vera called me (Amplitude Events and Marketing) 30 minutes to her gender reveal party to provide her with a Sound system for 1hour.

“We agreed on 15k. She sent me a down payment of Sh10,000 and promised to pay the balance when the sound system gets to the venue (Fair Acre Boutique Karen). We got there albeit 10 minutes late, it was short notice and we did all we could to be there in time. We got there by 7pm and did the set up by 7:10 Pm the event started,” said Akuku.

He alleged that once the event was over he went to ask for the balance only for Verah to pretend she did not know him.

“Upon finishing my end of the bargain which was at 9pm, I asked for my balance only for her to now assume she don't know who we are and instead sent a team of bouncers/security, a group of her already drunk lady friends and some guy by the name Victor to whisk us away making all sorts of insults at us .

“All this while she is standing there pretending to be on her phone,” said Akuku.

He further alleged that Verah dismissed the balance as ‘pocket change’ and asked him not to keep pestering her about it.

“Wacheni nimalize photoshoot kwanza I'll sort you guys out, 5k ni pesa ya kunisumbua every now and then?

At this point, Akuku alleges that Verah’s security personnel threw him out and was yet to pick her phone calls by the time this story was published.

Comedian Akuku Danger [Courtesy]

“Verah, trust you me, I'd let the 5k slide but it's the disrespect that you showed me and my team last night that makes me do this.

“Imagine leaving the venue at 1am past curfew…To cut the long story short even the 10k you paid me ended up going down the drain. Now I'm in arrears coz now my team also are demanding payment from me. What do you want me to do? Please Pay me,” he lamented.