Michelle Ntalami [Courtesy]

By now, we all know that Marini Naturals CEO goes big on her birthdays especially when it comes to her birthday shoots.

Well, this year is no different as the entrepreneur already has her plan set in motion as far as her photoshoot to mark a new year in her life is concerned.

A few days ago, the sassy boss lady in a lengthy caption in a bid to ‘give back’ to society thanks to all the support she’s received courtesy of her brands is concerned, said that she was willing to partner with local brands in a pro bono photoshoot.

“Hey hey fam! Y’all already know every year for my birthday in June I do a kick ass photoshoot. This year I want to make it a little different. We always expect to receive love and gifts on our birthdays. But this time, that’s exactly what I want to give back. You guys have always loved and supported both @marini.naturals and I throughout my business journey, and now I’m paying it forward. I’d like to wear and promote Kenyan brands and business for my photoshoot.

“This is a pro-bono shoot for all the brands and people I will partner with! (I.e. no charges) I only get to keep the items that I like, or whatever you choose to bless me with from your collection! I’ve already got the concept, so all I need is the awesome team and brands to put it all together.”

The latter in her now viral post went further to single out who she was looking for.

The post, however, rubbed some people the wrong way as it brought forth bickering among some netizens who accused her of taking advantage of small brands in the name of giving back.

She went ahead to turn off comments on the post, a move she says was informed by the numerous requests for collaborations she received.

In her latest post, Ntalami noted that she has taken time to build her brand and she will shut out all those who try to bring her down.

“You call it exposure I call it my worth. So when I come forward with my post to promote and support smaller brands, I come as Michelle Ntalami, the brand.

“That said, my job is not to convince you that I truly want to support other brands. My purpose is to try and shed some light to you on meaningful business collaborations,” she wrote.

While some applauded her in the comment section, some were quick to remind her not to label such campaigns ‘giving back’.

“I think then don’t call it “giving back” just call it a business collaboration coz the wording is what got people confused and rightfully so.

“Giving back simply means you’re giving without looking at how it will benefit you or what it cost you to give (which is what you have majorly pointed out in this post). All the best in your collaboration though,” wrote an Instagram user.